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A Granny Flat Might Be The Perfect Solution For Downsizing

With advancing age, people like to downsize their homes and change their lifestyle. The reasons for a push towards minimalistic living by downsizing homes are straightforward. It helps you to gain better control over your life, reduces expenditure, and helps you to live within your budget without the stress.

If you want to save your money, lower your energy consumption, and reduce time spent on daily chores like cleaning and maintenance, downsizing is a perfect solution. We at 5 Star Granny Flats believe living in a Granny Flat could be the ideal solution, helping to create spaces and a lifestyle that are more manageable. We custom design granny flats, so you have a home designed around your unique requirements.

Reasons for Downsizing

1. Scaling-Down Is Saving Money

A smaller house is economical in many ways. Smaller the home, lower is the expenditure on various bills such as energy, furniture & furnishing, cleaning, repair & maintenance, security, council tax, etc.  When you add the savings accrued on these items, you may find a tidy addition and a budget surplus. You have the comfort to spend more money on yourself and your family, instead of routine bills.

2. A Spartan Lifestyle Has Distinct Benefits

Downsizing is a way of adopting a minimalistic approach to life. A simple lifestyle has advantages and therapeutic value. De-cluttering your home and streamlining your lifestyle remove a lot of physical and financial stress. You spend money on satisfying your needs, less time on cleaning and maintenance, and more time and money on leisurely activities. For people entering their post-retirement phase, this can be an attractive option to start life anew.

3. Energy-Efficient Smaller Home

The energy bills of a large home add to the costs of running a household. These costs are more likely to increase with every passing year. A granny flat is one of the best ways to keep these costs under control because it decreases your energy expenditure. You can opt for energy-efficient construction and a well-insulated structure.

4. Enjoy Free Time and Travel

Like many other older people, traveling and holidaying maybe your dream too. But the travel expenses and spare time constraints prevent you from making your dream a reality. When you downsize your home, you create an opportunity to revive your dream and start making travel plans with the money you save. A smaller granny flat poses fewer security issues. It means locking fewer windows, fewer security lights, and various other security issues. You are free to be away from your home for a more extended period without feeling hassled about travelling.

Living in a granny flat also gives you the comfort of living near your family and they can also ensure that your home is secure while you are away on vacation.

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