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Essential Things You Need to Know If You Are Building a Granny Flat

Granny flats are rising in popularity as a charming little home added on properties not only in Sydney but also across Australia. People view it as a rewarding investment. We at 5 Star Granny Flats suggest that you know some essential aspects of granny flats before you decide to build one.

What Is A Granny Flat?

You can build a granny flat on your property as an addition to your existing house or primary residence, and own both structures. You can use this small self-contained flat as a dwelling for elderly family members, an additional place for kids, or other members of the family. It can be a source of extra income if you rent it out.

Things To Know About Granny Flat Construction

  • You can construct a granny flat only on a residential property, and the size of the block must be at least 450sqm to build it.
  • No commercial, community titled, or divided property, or unoccupied land, can be used to construct a granny flat.
  • The maximum size of a granny flat can be 60 sqm.
  • It is a self-contained structure. It means that it has a separate entrance, living space, kitchen, bathroom as an also outdoor area.
  • Sharing of patios, outdoors, pools and barbeques is permitted.
  • You can build a granny flat as an attached or detached structure of the main house or even convert a garage depending on the State Council permits.

Granny Flat Cost

Look at the reasons why granny flats are gaining popularity as a secondary dwelling in the backyard for many Australians:

  • While it is an affordable accommodation, it offers depreciation benefits as well.
  • It is quick to build in a short period of 8-12 weeks in a manageable budget of about $100,000.
  • There are a lot of companies around that offer customised granny flat building services at competitive prices. You can strike a good deal by comparing estimates from a few licensed and reputed construction companies. 
  • By using modern designs that skilfully use light colours, mirrors, and natural light, you can give a spacious look to your granny flat.

Granny Flat Financing

Various options to finance a granny flat are available in the market. You can take a construction loan, refinance your existing home loan, or use the equity in your home. It is better to consult a financial expert to guide you in the matter to get a beneficial financing deal for your granny flat.

Renting Out The Granny Flat

Remember that your future tenants will share some common areas with you because your granny flat is a part of the same residential block. So carefully opt for a design that minimises the privacy issues for you as well as others. You can earn a rental income of over $300 a week or a rental yield of over 7% from a granny flat, depending upon the location of your property. 

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