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How Much Does It Cost to Build A Granny Flat in Sydney?

Are you planning to build a Granny flat in Sydney? These accessory dwelling units are a popular investment option for enhancing property value and generating rental income. It is also built to create private resistance for an old or ailing loved one. You should certainly want to know how much these units cost to build before you even before you contemplate meeting a building or designer.

Granny Flat Prices

Granny flats Sydney are built in different styles and materials and the cost can vary based on your choices. The cost of custom build units will be different from that for kits and flat-pack flats.

You should expect the cost to range from $50,000 to well over $120,000. The factors that influence the final cost will include:

Even council fees can affect the cost. Plumbing and electrical expenses can also influence the cost. The distance from your property can also make a difference. If you seek to rent the unit, you will also have to add privacy features such as fences.

Granny Flat Cost by Bedrooms

The number of bedrooms in the building will have a huge impact on the cost:

Granny Flat Kit Homes

Granny flat kit homes are less expensive compared to building the units from the ground up. The cost of a slab, electrical, and plumbing fixtures may be included within the quote. Look for kit home builders that offer a certain distance of plumbing and electricity and charge for additional distance. Compared to construction projects, kit granny flats can cost the following:

Different kit builders will offer different quotes. It is important to compare the quotes carefully, as some may include or exclude some or all of these factors:

You may opt for other options than standard cladding, thus affecting the price.

If you want to have a custom-designed unit, it is important to get quotes from multiple builders. A careful comparison is a must because some quotes can include the cost of plumbing, slab, and electrical fixtures, while others may not. So, you must evaluate all the key factors to determine how much it can cost to build Granny flats Sydney.