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Types of Exterior Materials That Can Be Used For Granny Flats

When building a granny flat on your property, you can decide what amenities and features your granny flat will have and also what its façade will look like. Everyone likes to ensure that the granny flat has an attractive façade. You have a wide choice of materials for the façade and must be careful to choose one that complements the overall architecture and the stylistic look of the granny flat as well as your home structure.

It may look like an eyesore if the style of the façade and the materials used for it are different than the rest of the house. You can avoid this situation by consulting the professionals at 5 Star Granny Flats before you finalise your choice. Our experts can help you with your specific requirements to help get your granny flat the look you have in mind.

Our professionals keep themselves updated about the new materials available in the market, and you can rest assured that your granny flat in Sydney will look superb. They can give you an expert opinion on materials that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and your home. Here is some information on materials to use for granny flat facades.

1. Brick Veneer

This material is preferred for its classic appeal and its quality of blending easily with different architectural styles and landscape materials. It is used common in construction and façades, and you can choose from the brick veneer of different colours. While durable and strong materials are used in its manufacture, it is unable to provide a good level of waterproofing and insulation.

2. Vinyl Cladding

People like to use vinyl cladding for granny flat exteriors. This façade material is easy to maintain and stands out for its durability and resilience. Another advantage is its availability in a variety of finishes and colours. It is useful in maintaining the energy-efficiency of the structure. The flip side is that vinyl is not an eco-friendly material as it is not manufactured from recycled materials, isn’t recycled or reused.            

3. Weathertex Timber

Weathertex timber is made by combining 97% timber with 3% wax and has a natural look. It is non-toxic, and its coating is made of non-toxic acrylic primer. This naturally makes it a favourite of eco-conscious people. Being a wood product, it requires far more maintenance than other materials making it a costly option in the long term.

4. Rendered Finishes

These finishes are essentially concrete coating applications. They are used in granny flats construction. They provide a smooth and slick look to the structure. The installation is easy and you can choose from different finishes and colours. The downside is that rendered finishes cannot hide dirt and water stains which results in higher maintenance costs. For more information on our granny flat in Sydney, you can get in touch with us at 5 Star Granny Flats today! Just give us a call on 1300 843 921 or fill in this contact us form. You can also use this form to get a quick online quote.