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What Are the Requirements To Get A Granny Flat Approval?

Owning a granny’s flat can be the best experience of your life. It is a compact yet highly functional unit of your flat that has independent and related advantages. It can help you increase your income by rent, can accommodate your aging parents, or can give you the option of a private location inside your home only. That is why more and more people are attracted to granny flats.

Granny Flat Approval

But after all, a granny flat is a property only. Thus, building a granny flat Sydney requires approval from the concerned planning authority. You can get this approval quickly. Before jumping to the list of requirements, it is vital to note some basics. Firstly, your granny flat should be built according to the compliances only. Further, it can be connected or not connected to the existing property on the same land.

Requirements to Get a Granny Flat Approval

In the year 2009, the NSW government issued the Affordable Housing State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP). Thus if you’ve a granny flat in your residential property, it must adhere to the following guidelines. These are the crucial steps in the approval process:

  • Size of the property: The size of your property should not be less than 450 meters square. In case it is less than this, you need to consult the approval expert.
  • Maximum floor space: The top floor space should be between 330 meters square in blocks ranging between 450-600 meters square. It should be 380 meters square in case of blocks ranging between 600-900 meters square. It should be 430 meters square in case of the block is greater than 900 meters square.
  • Height and width of the property: The height should be 3.8-meter maximum and, the width of the property should be greater than 12 meters.
  • Setback distances: The rear setback of minimum 3 meters in case of property greater than 900 meters square or 5 meters if it is more significant. The front setback should be at the average distance of the two nearby units. The granny flats Sydney setback a minimum of 1.8 meters. The side setback of a minimum of 0.9 meters in property greater than 900 meters square or 1.5 meters is more significant.
  • Stormwater Drainage: It must have downpipes to the existing drainage system/ an on-site stormwater disposal system or inter-allotment drainage.
  • Excavation: It should not exceed the excavation limits of 1 meter if located within 1 meter of the boundary, 2 meters if located between 1-1.5 meters of the border, and 3 meters if situated at more than 1.5 meters of the edge.
  • Landscaped Area: It should have a minimum of 25% of landscaping.
  • Tree Trunk Distance: It should have a minimum distance of 3 meters from the nearest tree trunk.
  • Principle Private Open Space: It must have an entertainment area of a minimum of 24-meter squares and accessible from the living room
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