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What Council Approvals Do I Need To Build A Granny Flat?

Granny flats offer an affordable and versatile housing solution. Today, these structures are a very common feature in many residential properties in NSW. A granny flat is essentially a secondary, self-contained accommodation that could be separate/attached to a home. When you are getting a granny flat built, you will have a number of different queries. It’s always a good idea to work with a reputable and well-established builder.

They would be able to provide you with all the information you need about the requirements, the processes to follow, materials to use, etc. One of the commonest questions that most people bidding granny flats have is- What council approvals do I need to build a granny flat? About Granny Flat Approvals A council/accredited certifier has the authority to certify granny flats as complying development without the requirement for any kind of development application.

Granny Flat Approval

However, this is only if it meets certain standards in the Affordable Rental Housing Act (State Environmental Planning Policy) 2009. Even if you have all your plans and budgeting ready, your granny flat construction will definitely bring scrutiny from the local council.

  • The different considerations that will be taken into account include:
  • Local & state rules for granny flats
  • Whether the structure is actually a secondary dwelling

Whether it’s in compliance with all the standards for developing secondary dwellings under the SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policy) Some Facts To Keep In View All of these aspects will be scrutinized closely.

When you are constructing a granny flat that is in compliance with the existing development rules and regulations it needs to be:

  • Constructed in conjunction with a principal dwelling
  • Needs to stand on the same lot as a principal dwelling (not on an individual lot in a community title scheme /strata plan)

Attached to, separate from or within the principal dwelling Lodging An Application For A Granny Flat In order to lodge your granny flat application as complying development, you need to complete your council or accredited certifier’s accredited approved CDC (Complying Development Certificate) application form.

When you use this particular approval path, your granny flat might be approved within a matter of 20days. If the structure doesn’t meet all the requirements for complying with development, you would have to lodge a full development application with the relevant council. Since there are certain technicalities involved in getting approvals for your granny flat, it is a good idea to discuss all your requirements with your builder.

They would be able to work closely with you in order to help you with all the details and paperwork required to lodge your granny flat application. For more information about granny flat council approval requirements, feel free to contact 5 Star Granny Flats at 1300 843 921 or us the Online Form on this page to send us queries.

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