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Why Are People Building Granny Flats in Sydney?

Why are more and more people attracted to the idea of a granny flat and want to build one? There are many reasons why getting a granny flat built can be a prudent decision not only for families but also for retired people, investors, creative people as well as home business owners. We at 5 Star Granny Flats, we offer exceptional granny flay design and build services.

The Popularity of Granny Flats

Here are the reasons why people prefer to build granny flats in Sydney:

1. No Need For Council Approval

As long as granny flats meet the local requirements, they do not need Council approval, which speeds up the process by a significant margin. You would know how important this is if you have ever gone through a lengthy process of seeking Council approval for any construction, addition or extension work on your property.

2 Independent Housing For Senior Family Members

As a concept, granny flats were for built for the elderly, who could live independently but close enough to receive assistance from other family members, when required.

3. A Handsome Return On Investment

People who rent out granny flats, or occupy the granny flats and rent out the main house tend to earn about 10-20% return on their investment.

4. Tax Benefit

You can claim tax depreciation benefit on your investment, save tax, and free some income for your use.

5. Granny Flat For Short Stays

If you love traveling most of the time but don’t have the heart to sell your family home, build a granny flat. You can use it to stay during your short stays while you rent out your family home. This helps you create an income you can use, and you still have the satisfaction of retaining your home as well.

6. Granny Flat As A Home Office

A granny flat is an ideal solution for those working from home, as it gives them the luxury of separate, low-cost work space on their property. 

8. A Leisure Zone Teenagers

A granny flat provides teenagers their own space. Parents can still keep an eye on their kids without being intrusive.

7. For Creative People

Those with creative faculties such as artists and writers can use a granny flat as a peaceful workplace.

9. Granny Flat Is Like Adding Space

If you are renovating or redesigning your house space, building a granny flat is an ideal extension to your house.

Making The Most Of Your Space

If you are not inclined to subdivide the large space you own, building a granny flat at a small investment is advantageous. It creates an additional source of income and gives you a great space that you and your family can use as required.

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