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Granny Flat Approvals

Granny flats are intended for one or two persons. Essentially, a granny flat is an independent living area generally located on the grounds of a single-family home. A granny flat can be detached, or it very well may be attached to the other dwelling. Sometimes, it is called a ‘granny flat’ since it is a well-known way for families to provide accommodation for their aging parents. In the building industry, the granny flat is regularly known as an accessory apartment or accessory dwelling unit (ADU). There are some other terms such as granny pod, mother-in-law unit, in-law apartment, bonus unit, casita, carriage unit, and ohana unit (primarily in Hawaii).

Numerous granny flats are categorized as the tiny house category, and the surge in enthusiasm in tiny house living has been a help to grandparents who are keen on this type of housing. Regardless of whether you are looking to gain the value of your property, need a separate lodging for your relative or simply want to assemble a man cave/femme den, a granny flat is unquestionably the best approach.

One thing to keep in mind is that several Australian states and local councils have strict regulations when it comes to the approval of planning and building, construction, and utilization of granny flats.

However, in some regions, new planning policies have been introduced to increase the supply and accessibility of affordable rental housing. Thus, it is easier to get the construction of a granny flat approved – given every single of the required criteria is met. There are various competitive advantages when it comes to ensuring seamless granny flat approvals. In contrast to new home construction, new granny flats must be approved with careful consideration of all current foundations and assets on the lot. 

Typically, there are also several common steps that you have to pass through in order to get, at least, a-three-week granny flat approval, which includes checking property size, property width, maximum floor space (upstairs and garages, carports, awnings, patios, and granny flat), measuring setbacks (distance to boundaries) & maximum height, and distance to tree-trunks. Careful observation of a property’s unique layout assumes a noteworthy role in any new granny flat project. Failing to do this can affect the time it takes to complete the project and this lack of knowledge can result in very annoying and expensive changes to the approved plans. Therefore, it is vitally important that a granny flat company be personally familiar with your property.

5 Star Granny Flats here to help you with all the granny flat approval requirements! Our experts always consider every little detail and ensure the environment is good when they build a granny flat. Every aspect of building a granny flat is carefully and meticulously designed to create a warm and welcoming new home for our client.

At 5 Star Granny Flats, we maintain our commitment to each and every job to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget, using the latest superior methods, equipment, and personnel. From the beginning sketch of the entire construction work and also for final fit-out of your granny flat, our professional team can give you utmost satisfaction and peace of mind.

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