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Granny Flat Construction

Granny flat construction can be a little overwhelming thing to think about you wonder what it will be like building a granny flat. The process of building a granny flat is complicated and involves many different groups. Construction planning involves the process of identifying activities and resources required to turn your design into a physical reality.

Building your new home may excite you tremendously, especially if you understand the drill.

These are some things that you should know about before.

Granny Flat Construction Process:

  1. 1. You have to plan a successful build. The first action to take in building a granny flat is contacting the local council authority to provide you with the specific regulations and compliance requirements for your area. And then you seek the right design for your granny flat.
  2. You can get things started–from determining what standard designs are best suited for your block, site details, soil test & site survey, floor plan layout, the cost estimate of building granny flat, lifestyle requirements, design essentials, to calculating budget and feasibility of construction—these all are one of the first top factors to consider before constructing a granny flat.
  3. You have to obtain a tender acceptance for building a granny flat that must include a signature from clients and the company representative. Followed by contract plans to be signed by the client, and then the building contract will be prepared.
  4. You have to vision your granny flat design. Basically, all granny flats are constructively designed to be practical, functional, and affordable and to suit most properties. Once all the planning is in place you’ll be given a contract to sign and this means you are well on your way to turning your vision into a reality. Designs will be formally submitted to the council at this point and you can sit back until planning permission is approved.
  5. And now it’s your construction time! Construction time may be the best part of developing the property. From the inception date, the creation of the granny flat will usually be completed within three months. The last step in your construction process is to have your new home professionally cleaned – so that it is beautifully presented and ready for you to move in.

Look no further than 5 Star Granny Flats to help build your granny flat! We offer various granny flats to suit your needs that are certainly affordable. Our experts always consider every little detail and ensure the environment is good when they build a granny flat. Every aspect of building a granny flat is carefully and meticulously designed to create a warm and welcoming new home for our clients.

At 5 Star Granny Flats, we maintain our commitment to each and every job to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget, using the latest superior methods, equipment, and personnel. From start to finish, our professional team can give you the utmost satisfaction

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