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Granny Flat Pennant Hills

Granny flats can be an excellent addition to your property. Not only do they serve as a great independent home for your elderly, but they also can be rented out for profit. Well-designed granny flats can considerably increase the value of your property and offer a good return on your investment. However, if you want great results, you need to hire great granny flat builder Pennant Hills and that’s what you get at Granny Flat Sydney.

Working with 5 Star granny flat Pennant Hills

Commitment – we maintain full commitment to each job to ensure the project and build is delivered on time and to the budget without any compromise to our superior methods and personnel.

Professionalism – consistent communication is upheld from the signing of papers. Feedback during the process is always welcomed. We always take ownership of any hurdles that may arise and ensure we maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Seamless delivery – From the start of the construction to the final fit-out of your granny flat in Pennant Hills our team will deliver the highest quality finishes to exceed all expectations.

Close contact – You are always welcome to contact the friendly team for any questions during or after the process on 1300 843 921.

Our Granny Flat Design Services

Poorly designed granny flats aren’t just a bad investment; they stand out like a sore thumb on your property as well. They can compromise the value of your home and diminish its curb appeal, which is why you need outstanding designers. If you hire us, you get expert services from skilled and experienced granny flat builder Pennant Hills so you won’t be disappointed with the results. We have pre-designed and custom design options available to you

  • One Bedroom Flats – Great for people on a small budget and with limited space. It can easily accommodate one or two adults.
  • Two Bedroom Flats – Ideal for small families for two to four people. This can be rented out because they’re relatively spacious.
  • Three Bedroom Flats – This design is for people who want larger spaces that can accommodate 3 to 6 people. You need room on your property to build such a flat.
  • Custom Flats – We understand that different clients have different requirements so we offer custom design options as well. You can meet with our draftsmen and plan a design that suits your requirements well.

If you have questions and need to know more about our designs, you can visit our FAQ page or give us a call. Our experts are always willing to answer your questions and help in any way they can.

Process for granny flats in Pennant Hills

Adding a granny flat in Pennant Hills can be pricy so its important to work close with a company that will deliver the quality you require. At 5 Star we have high-quality standards and have tried and tested many materials on our projects to get to where we are.

Phase 1 is about qualifying your land in Pennant Hills to ensure it is eligible for a granny flat build.

Phase 2 one of our expert team members will come out to the property for a free site visit and consultation. We will discuss your desired granny flat construction in Pennant Hills

Phase 3 will be after the acceptance of the quote which will move you into the floor plans and survey plan.

Phase 4 you can either choose from the state-of-the-art designs that we offer all our clients of we can work together with a draftsman to develop a custom solution to suit your needs. Once that is complete, we will handle the certified approval for your granny flat in Pennant Hills

Phase 5 we will commence a built with a team of qualified subcontractors which are all managed by our site supervisors to ensure high-quality workmanship and each phase of construction is complete within the timely matter we provide.

Our goal is to always deliver seamless service and outstanding results for your granny flat Builders Pennant Hills

Why Choose 5 Star Granny Flat Builders Pennant Hills?

Building granny flats requires a considerable amount of investment so you need to be certain you choose the right designer. We take all projects, big and small, very seriously and put in our best effort every time. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • Quality – We always focus on quality, regardless of the budget because we want to build sturdy and long-lasting flats. We use the best possible materials and double-check everything to ensure you don’t face any problems down the line.
  • Pricing – Our billing is honest and straightforward so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. Our rates are very reasonable and we’re one of the most affordable granny flat builders Pennant Hills.
  • Unique Designs – Our designers are well-versed in all modern design concepts and can create a space that suits your preferences. If you want an open, contemporary design, we can create such a space for you. If you prefer the English-cottage look, just let us know.

Granny Flat Plans and Prices

Are you at that stage where you’re seriously considering a granny flat? All it has come to is the cost? Calling the right granny flat builder in Pennant Hills will help you understand the cost of your granny flat with its inclusions. Certain factors you can take into consideration is how many guests is this dwelling hosting? Is it for your elderly parents? Or is it an investment? Granny flats are an easy source of some extra income if you decide to rent it out.

When building a granny flat in Pennant Hills there is a range of styles to choose from that will all vary in price the main factors will include, size of a granny flat, condition of the land and the finishes.

A factor that should come to mind when cutting costs in a build of a granny fat Pennant Hills is ensuring you are not losing the quality of workmanship and in the structure of the granny flat. Our team of experts can build studio’s, 1 bedroom granny flats, 2 bedroom granny flats, 3 bedroom granny flats, granny flats with pools, two-storey granny flats and granny flats with a side studio.

In our free onsite consultations, we will explain process and pricing options as we are competitive and transparent during the whole process and communication is kept at an all-time high.

We are expert granny flat builder Pennant Hills and can create an ideal flat for you. If you want to know more, you can get in touch with us at 5 Star Granny Flats by calling 1300 843 921 or filling in this contact us form. You can also use this form to get a quick online quote.

Frequently asked questions

What is the largest size granny flat I can build in Pennant Hills?

The largest permissible building size is approximately 60m2. Plus, a porch or patio where permissible.

How wide does the frontage have to be?

The minimum requirement to build a granny flat in Pennant Hills will be 12m.

How much rental can I receive on a granny flat in Pennant Hills?

Depending on the size and bedrooms but a granny flat can return anywhere between $350-$450 weekly.

How many granny flats can I build on my block in Pennant Hills?

One granny flat per block as per the state environmental planning policy (SEPP).

Is approving a granny flat hard in Pennant Hills?

No, the government are actually encouraging the construction of granny flats.

Do you have designs we can choose from?

Yes, we have 1,2,3 bedroom designs available. For more information please review our designs page