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Studio Granny Flat Designs


Did you know you can build a 60m2 granny flat and a 36m2 studio?

So if you are looking for a granny flat Sydney, be sure to give us a call at 1300 843 921. You will receive a free quote when you enquire online.


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Whether it's a granny flat, studio, or both on one lot we can help at Five Star Builders. Under complying development controls, we are permitted to build a secondary dwelling of up to 60m2 and a 36m2 studio (ancillary to the primary dwelling).

A standalone 20m2 studio is permitted on lots between 200m2-350m2 and a standalone 36m2 studio is permitted on lots greater than 350m2.

On lots greater than 450m2, you are permitted to construct both a secondary dwelling of 60m2 and a 36m2 studio (ancillary to the primary dwelling) so long as you don't exceed the maximum floor space ratio.

Our Granny Flat Designs

Unique and Interesting Designs – We take time to understand what you want and what your elderly would prefer and design the flats accordingly. Many elderly love modern design concepts and contemporary designs, after all.

Studio granny flat construction can be a little overwhelming thing to think about—you wonder what the process will be like. The process of building a studio granny flat is complicated and involves many different groups. Construction planning involves the process of identifying activities and resources required to turn your vision into a physical reality.

The studio range for your granny flat is a great way of providing comfort, space, and privacy. Usually, a studio range for a granny flat is either when your block is less than 450 square meter, but more than 350 square meters or that your block is more than 450 square meter, but does not have sufficient space to fit in a 60 square meter/ 2-bedroom granny flat