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Why Are Granny Flats Becoming So Popular?

granny flat Sydney

Granny flats are now seen by many Australians as a way to keep their family together. Many also see it as a cost-effective option to increase the value of their property. Some also consider Granny flat sydney to be a way to strengthen financial security.

Multigenerational living is becoming increasingly common and popular, as baby boomers reach their retirement age. More families are now considering extending their homes to create well-appointed spaces for their elderly, providing enhanced and affordable care and support.

Some jurisdictions also allow homeowners to rent out granny flats to non-family members as long as they follow certain rules.

There are many reasons why granny flats are becoming so popular. There is no need to purchase a new property. All you will need is additional free space on your property. Explore all the key reasons why so many people now build these structures.

  • More Affordable Senior Care Services

When seniors move into a granny flat, they are able to save a lot on their care costs because they are downsizing into a smaller home. Comparatively, in-home care can be quite expensive and traditional care services can be unaffordable for many seniors. These units also take less time to build.

  • Create Additional Living Space

Another reason people are adding granny flats to their properties is because of the additional living space it helps create. Many homeowners are using them as:

  • Home office
  • Additional storage space
  • Playroom for children
  • Guest room

These units work as good options for those who want to create more habitable rooms on their property.

  • Privacy

There is a lot of difference in terms of privacy between in-home care for seniors and opting for a granny flat. The latter provides a lot of privacy. These units are built away from your house and provide you and the senior with the desired privacy.

  • Long-Term Investments

Another big reason more homeowners are building a Granny flat Sydney is that it serves as an excellent long-term investment. These units are small but they are comfortable and can help generate rental income. Besides, the units can also increase your property’s value.

If certain changes take place in your life and you no longer need a big house to live in, you can consider moving into your granny flat. This can allow you to rent out your house.

  • Keep Your Seniors Near & Safe

When a senior grows older, they can become a threat to themselves. Seniors living alone can develop mental problems, feel isolated, and create serious concerns for you. They are also at greater risk of falls and other physical injuries.

When you invest in a granny flat, you will be creating a setting for your loved one to live close to you. Not only will they be safer, but your children will find it easier to see their grandparents. You will not have to travel far for the holidays.

  • Seniors Can Feel More Independent

Many seniors prefer maintaining their independence for as long as they can. This is often challenging for everyone in the family. Many elderly family members are greatly concerned about becoming a burden on their loved ones. When you build a granny flat, you will allow your loved ones to live more independently while still feeling to be a part of the family.

Thus, there are many reasons why granny flat builders are in great demand. If you are considering the design and construction of customized granny flats on your property, feel free to get in touch with us at 5 Star Granny Flats. Reach out to us at 1300 843 921.

How Much Does It Cost To Build The Cheapest Granny Flat Sydney?

granny flat Sydney

Many of us think to extend our existing homes or flats. While this extension is out of the budget for many, it invites lots of work too. The addition of a simple granny flat can be helpful for you. A granny flat is a self-contained living area. It is usually located on the grounds of the existing home. It is termed as an additional dwelling unit because you can connect it to your current flat or separate it. What you can find in any modern granny flat is a living area, kitchen, and bathroom. It is ideal for one or two people. Whether you’re looking for a modern yet tiny place or want to extend your flat, granny flat Sydney never lets you down. Let us have a look at the best advantages of having a granny flat.

Advantages of having a Granny Flat

Granny flat got its name as these units are mostly used for elderly parents of the home. They get their place with full peace and can enjoy the joy of staying with their kids too. If you’re having such a requirement, granny flats are ideal for ensuring the best privacy with closeness to your family.

Secondly, during pandemic times, many professionals have switched to work from home. Granny flat at your location can be an ideal meeting point for your clients. You can work from your granny flat without disturbing your family or putting them at risk.

Thirdly, granny flats are an ideal replacement for the extension of flats. Extension invites a bundle of expenses while granny flats are built easily and require the least budgets.

Granny Flat- How Much Does It Cost?

After having a look at its advantages, if you’re interested in building a granny flat, let us help you with its cost. To build the cheapest granny flats, it is essential that you must consider the following details:

  • Size of the granny flat: You have to decide on the space requirements of your granny flat. It starts from 36 meters square and goes up to the client’s requirements and budget.
  • Purpose of the granny flat: The purpose of the granny flat helps in its attached or separate construction from the existing flat.
  • Types of granny flat: You can choose a single storey or double storey granny flat based on your needs.
  • Other requirements in the granny flat: The helpful services like easy exits, ramps, etc for the elderly invite additional costs.

Cost of the cheapest granny flat

The cost of the minimum one-bedroom size granny flat starts from 80,000 Australian dollars, and the same for two bedrooms starts from 110,000 Australian dollars. It depends entirely on the size, number of bedrooms, additional services in the granny flat, and the number of storeys.


Granny flat sydney are not only for grannies but a modern piece of infrastructure at your place. You can enjoy the best of the granny flat by building it at minimalist cost and maximum comfort. It is possible to make it in your desired budget and style if you consider all cost factors and plan accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Granny Flat in Sydney?

Are you planning to build a Granny flat in Sydney? These accessory dwelling units are a popular investment option for enhancing property value and generating rental income. It is also built to create private resistance for an old or ailing loved one. You should certainly want to know how much these units cost to build before you even before you contemplate meeting a building or designer.

Granny Flat Prices

Granny flats Sydney are built in different styles and materials and the cost can vary based on your choices. The cost of custom build units will be different from that for kits and flat-pack flats.

You should expect the cost to range from $50,000 to well over $120,000. The factors that influence the final cost will include:

  • Size and floor area
  • Types of materials and finishes
  • Condition of your land

Even council fees can affect the cost. Plumbing and electrical expenses can also influence the cost. The distance from your property can also make a difference. If you seek to rent the unit, you will also have to add privacy features such as fences.

Granny Flat Cost by Bedrooms

The number of bedrooms in the building will have a huge impact on the cost:

  • Single Bedroom Units: If you have limited space, a single-bedroom accessory dwelling unit may be perfect. Such a unit can measure anything from 35 sq.m. to 45 sq.m. and can cost up to $100,000.
  • Double-Bedroom Units: These units can provide convenience to grandparents or visiting guests. The typical size is 60 sq.m. and you can expect the costs to be up to $130,000.
  • Three-Bedroom Units: If you have adequate space in your property and the need for a 3-bedroom Granny flat Sydney, you should expect to spend at least $150,000.

Granny Flat Kit Homes

Granny flat kit homes are less expensive compared to building the units from the ground up. The cost of a slab, electrical, and plumbing fixtures may be included within the quote. Look for kit home builders that offer a certain distance of plumbing and electricity and charge for additional distance. Compared to construction projects, kit granny flats can cost the following:

  • Up to $120,000 for units of 71 sq.m.
  • $95,000 for units of 50 sq.m.
  • $81,000 for units of 38 sq.m.

Different kit builders will offer different quotes. It is important to compare the quotes carefully, as some may include or exclude some or all of these factors:

  • An external power point and multiple power points
  • Carpeted bedroom
  • Flooring for other rooms
  • Full kitchen
  • Enclosed shower with complete bathroom fittings
  • Energy-efficient electrical fixtures

You may opt for other options than standard cladding, thus affecting the price.

If you want to have a custom-designed unit, it is important to get quotes from multiple builders. A careful comparison is a must because some quotes can include the cost of plumbing, slab, and electrical fixtures, while others may not. So, you must evaluate all the key factors to determine how much it can cost to build Granny flats Sydney.