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Functional and Straightforward Granny Flat Designs

We at 5 Star Granny Flats offer custom granny flat designs and build solutions. Since every feature is built from scratch, you can be sure the final product will meet your needs. Here we look at some simple and functional granny flat designs to choose from:

Studio Design Granny Flat

This studio cabin option is popular because it is elegant and straightforward, and adds openness to your living area. While you build your granny flat, you can select a plan with or without an ensuite. This space can be used to house parents, kids, or you can use it as a private space, studio, or home office.

If you remodel your house to make more space in it, the mess and inconvenience are inevitable, regardless of how organized you are. You need to wait for approvals and have to deal with builders and payments for several services. On the other hand, building a granny flat is relatively simple. This structure is also ideal for creative people such as writers, artists, photographers, graphic designers who enjoy privacy and working in their own space.

As an affordable and preferred option, a home studio granny flat is excellent for people working from home. We can build it as a standalone structure or closer to your primary residence.

While your granny flat can be a place for your family members to work peacefully without any disruption, it offers some other benefits. Besides adding value to your property, you can convert it into accommodation or a place to rent out.

One or Two Bedroom Granny Flat Units

People looking for more privacy, space, and luxury prefer one or two-bedroom granny flats.  These granny flats have a separate living area. Both options have ensuites, are spacious, and provide more privacy compared to studio cabins.

You can utilize a two-bedroom granny flat in various ways. You have a spare room to entertain a guest or rent out your granny flat. It is ideal for young families and provides an avenue for weekly rental returns. The design fits the needs of an office combined with accommodation.

People used to live in spacious houses find moving into a granny flat somewhat disconcerting for valid reasons. They wonder how to accommodate a guest for an overnight stay or to find space for their books or other collections. People often perceive granny flats as small places. However, we can design two-bedroom granny flats that are not only spacious but comfortable and practical as well. You enjoy the benefits of living in a lovely house without the problems associated with maintaining a big one.

Granny Flat Benefits

  • A feeling of security as the family lives close by.
  • Lower maintenance
  • Fewer expenses of running a house
  • Free from the payment of retirement village fees

For more information on our granny flat builder services, you can get in touch with us at 5 Star Granny Flats today! Just give us a call on 1300 843 921 or fill in this contact us form. You can also use this form to get a quick online quote.