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How to Create Comfort in Your Granny Flat

Granny flats are designed with the goal of creating a more convenient and safer space for loved ones or tenants who are aging or ailing. Comfort is also an important part of the design element. The living space has to feel cozy and loungy. Following an open space living theme with less of clutter can be the right approach to the design. It will be best to focus on including all the essentials rather than cramming lots of things into it.

It is recommended to follow these tips when discussing comfort with your Granny flat builder:

1. Illuminate the Living Space

These accessory dwelling units are usually limited to a floor area of 60 sq.m. in most states and territories. Illuminating the space can make it seem larger. Adding highlight windows and raked ceiling can bring all the light required to brighten up space and create an illusion of more space.

2. Store Up to the Ceiling Height

The limited space can soon get filled up and feel cramped if you don’t plan it smartly. A smart way to create more storage space is to have your granny flat builders build cupboards and shelves that go up to the ceiling height. With enough room for keeping all the stuff tucked away, there will be less clutter to interfere with your comfortable space.

3. Create a Study Nook

Creating an office inside your granny flat can be a complicated and expensive task. Designing a study nook will not be. It requires a little amount of empty space. Your builder should be able to design a desk into the available wall space. It is a small but cozy place for spending study hours.

4. Create an Island Bench or Breakfast Bar

The more functionality you can add to the unit, the greater will be the comfort. Adding island benches and breakfast bars can help you get more out of the space. Your builder can make the right recommendations on what can be best for your kitchen space. Besides increasing storage space, breakfast bars can also work as alternative areas for enjoying food.

5. Add a Garden

Gardens are not just about making your granny flat look beautiful. They can also add an important element of comfort. Adding something as basic as a gutter to add plants or trenches for growing hedges can make a huge difference. This helps create an outdoor space for the occupants to spend a relaxing time. Comfort is also about how things look.

6. Add a Patio or Deck

There are many ways you can bring the outdoors in to create a more comfy granny flat.

  • Adding a timber deck or patio is an excellent way to create a seamless indoor and outdoor living experience
  • Install bi-fold doors that create a sense of larger space
  • Adding a kitchen servery window connected to the outside can also add convenience and comfort

There are many more things you can do to create a comfortable and convenient space. it is recommended to find the right granny flat builders to help you come up with smart ideas.

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