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Garage Granny Flat, Is it possible to build it?

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Have you heard people discuss the benefits of their granny flat? Many people across the continent are already in love with these compact and robust units of your house. You may connect your granny’s flat or keep it independent according to your requirements. The advancement in infrastructure technology has given us many types of granny flats. You must have heard about one-bedroom granny flat, two-bedrooms granny flat. Next in the line are the single-storey and double-storeys granny flats. But have you ever seen a garage granny flat?

What is a Garage Granny Flat?

A granny flat that is built above the garage is named the garage granny flat. Hence, it uses the best of another self-sufficient space in your house. Your garage serves the best for your vehicles and as an alternative entry to your place. What about connecting it with your granny flat? However, this construction at your home must meet the guidelines of the concerned authority. The roof of the garage is used as the base for your granny flat. Sounds fantastic. The million-dollar question that arises here is that is it possible to build it?

Garage Granny Flat- Is it possible to build?

You will be more than happy to know that building a granny flat over your garage is possible. All you need to do is go for the best possible arrangement that suits your needs and matches the construction standards. Further, you may take care of the following essential points:

  • Addition of foundation to the granny flat: Your garage is a space. Hence, it requires assistance in supporting the granny flat builders. This assistance is best provided by the additional steel beams or timber beams and hulk concrete slabs. This combination works the best for ensuring that your granny flat withstands the structural constraints without getting damaged.
  • Planning of the granny flat: Any granny flat above the garage can adjust a minimum of two-bedrooms, veranda, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, living area spaces, etc. You can get this done from any experienced granny flat architect. Don’t forget to see his sample granny flats.
  • Plumbing connections of the granny flat: Along with the design, it is mandatory to plan the plumbing connections to your garage granny flat. You have to make a note of the water connections and wastewater drainages and plan accordingly.
  • Insulation of the flooring: Your garage is one of the most noise-making spaces in your house, except your kids’ room. Hence, anything above it requires full sound protection. Therefore, you can go for the insulation of the flowing of your granny’s flat.

Garage Granny Flat- Conclusion

If you’re high on spirits to make a granny flat but low on lands, go for the garage granny flat. This type of granny flat further eliminates blocked sunlight and ventilation to the main property built on an existing garage only with help of granny flat builder. Is garage granny flat feasible? Yes, it is 100% possible to make a garage granny flat.

How to Create Comfort in Your Granny Flat

Granny flats are designed with the goal of creating a more convenient and safer space for loved ones or tenants who are aging or ailing. Comfort is also an important part of the design element. The living space has to feel cozy and loungy. Following an open space living theme with less of clutter can be the right approach to the design. It will be best to focus on including all the essentials rather than cramming lots of things into it.

It is recommended to follow these tips when discussing comfort with your Granny flat builder:

1. Illuminate the Living Space

These accessory dwelling units are usually limited to a floor area of 60 sq.m. in most states and territories. Illuminating the space can make it seem larger. Adding highlight windows and raked ceiling can bring all the light required to brighten up space and create an illusion of more space.

2. Store Up to the Ceiling Height

The limited space can soon get filled up and feel cramped if you don’t plan it smartly. A smart way to create more storage space is to have your granny flat builders build cupboards and shelves that go up to the ceiling height. With enough room for keeping all the stuff tucked away, there will be less clutter to interfere with your comfortable space.

3. Create a Study Nook

Creating an office inside your granny flat can be a complicated and expensive task. Designing a study nook will not be. It requires a little amount of empty space. Your builder should be able to design a desk into the available wall space. It is a small but cozy place for spending study hours.

4. Create an Island Bench or Breakfast Bar

The more functionality you can add to the unit, the greater will be the comfort. Adding island benches and breakfast bars can help you get more out of the space. Your builder can make the right recommendations on what can be best for your kitchen space. Besides increasing storage space, breakfast bars can also work as alternative areas for enjoying food.

5. Add a Garden

Gardens are not just about making your granny flat look beautiful. They can also add an important element of comfort. Adding something as basic as a gutter to add plants or trenches for growing hedges can make a huge difference. This helps create an outdoor space for the occupants to spend a relaxing time. Comfort is also about how things look.

6. Add a Patio or Deck

There are many ways you can bring the outdoors in to create a more comfy granny flat.

  • Adding a timber deck or patio is an excellent way to create a seamless indoor and outdoor living experience
  • Install bi-fold doors that create a sense of larger space
  • Adding a kitchen servery window connected to the outside can also add convenience and comfort

There are many more things you can do to create a comfortable and convenient space. it is recommended to find the right granny flat builders to help you come up with smart ideas.

Things to Look for while Hiring a Granny Flat Builder


Although people love to take care of their parents or grandparents in their old age, it still might be a little inconvenient to live in the same house. Similar to how you want them to have their space and freedom, they want control over their own lives as well. However, see to it that you’re located at a short distance. This makes it easier to visit them when they’re ill or just need some company.

Buying a granny flat in Sydney is probably the perfect choice to solve the issue as it meets both your goals. However, you must hire experienced and professional granny flat builders to tackle the job. We at 5 Star Granny Flats offer clients customized solutions based on their specific requirements. 

Hiring a Professional Granny Flat Builder

Some things to look for while hiring a granny flat builder include:

  • Quality – Investing in a granny flat is a serious commitment, which makes it crucial that you hire a company that guarantees quality construction. See to it that you hire the services of a granny flat builder that has high standards for development but also makes sure that the best materials are used for construction.
  • Unique Designs – Well-established granny flat builders in Sydney will always incorporate modern design concepts and the latest construction trends. A reputable company will invest a considerable amount of time in designing the perfect granny flat that meets all your specific requirements.
  • Personalised Consultation – Knowledgeable professionals will first provide clients with information regarding the materials used, the cost, the timeframe, and the design and style implemented. To understand your preferences and to exceed your expectations, the professionals will work with you closely.
  • Fair pricing – A well-established company will always maintain reasonable costs without compromising on the quality of services provided. Clients will be supplied with transparent billing, and the pricing will be in line with the budget.

How We Work

Here are few of the essential aspects that expert granny flats in Sydney designers focus on:

1. Design Preference

The professional granny flat designers will ask you questions like:

  • What size of the granny flat you’re interested in, and what is your budget?
  • How many bathrooms do you want, and do you want to incorporate a disabled-friendly design?
  • Do you have any preferred materials for the doors, windows, floors, roofs, and sidings?
  • Would you need additional space for parking?
  • How many rooms do you require?

2. Structure

To ensure that the designs match your requirements, the builders will keep the blueprints of the ready designs.  Although they’re in the form of a floor plan, they should provide you with enough information on the overall idea of the flat. Here are a few options you can choose from:

  • One Room Granny Flat
  • Two Room Granny Flat
  • Three Room Granny Flat

Based on the budget, you can choose any structure that suits your needs. For more information on our granny flat builder services, you can get in touch with us at 5 Star Granny Flats today! Just give us a call on 1300 843 921 or fill in this contact us form. You can also use this form to get a quick online quote.


How To Choose the Best Layout For Your New Granny Flat

Many people dream about adding a granny flat to their property. However, it’s crucial to know what kind of layout you want so that the structure fits in perfectly into your yard and you get the kind of spaces you need. We at 5 Star Granny Flats offer high-quality design and build solutions for granny flats.

Granny Flat Layout Options

It benefits to finalise a correct layout for your granny flat. You need to consider a few aspects such as your requirements, and the shape of your granny flat and more. Let’s look at this in detail:

1. The Size of the Yard

This is a critical factor because it gives you an idea of the space available to build a granny flat and its size. If you want approval from the authorities without a hitch, consult with a good granny flat builder. They would be able to guide you in this aspect. The space available in the garden determines whether it is possible to add a patio or deck area to your granny flat.  

2. The Shape Of The Outdoor Spaces

You need to consider the shape of the back garden too. An L-shaped granny flat is more suited to a small corner plot rather than a rectangular one. A keen eye for these layout aspects improves the symmetry of the entire house.

3. Number of Bedrooms

Whether you want a one or two-bedroom granny flat depends on your lifestyle and needs. If you’re going to entertain guests, or your grandchildren for overnight stays, or even keep a caretaker, a second bedroom is necessary. Otherwise, a one-bedroom granny flat is adequate for a single person or a couple.

4. Shared Facilities

Getting permits for the granny flat is easier when you share some facilities with the main house. It can be even a laundry facility, and it shows that the granny flat is not a stand-alone structure, totally detached from the main house. It is useful to decide the shared facilities while the layout is getting finalized.

Open Floor Plans

Open-plan living areas make even very compact spaces feel spacious. This floor plan concept allows for plenty of natural light throughout the indoor areas. If you’d like a granny flat which offers open-plan living, we can design one for you.

You can have a central area with a significant amount of open space and the number of bedrooms you want. We are the custom granny flat builders that work with you to make sure the granny flat is up to your expectations.

Hire the Best Granny Flat Builders

Once you have considered these aspects, you should have a fair idea of what shape & size you’d like your granny flat to be. You can then discuss these requirements with our expert designers to choose a structure that suits your needs.

For more information on our granny flat builder services, you can get in touch with us at 5 Star Granny Flats today! Just give us a call on 1300 843 921 or fill in this contact us form. You can also use this form to get a quick online quote.

How To Design Attractive and Comfortable Granny Flat

A granny flat, as the name suggests, accommodates elderly members of your family on the same property. It is self-contained and can be a detached or an attached structure to the existing house. While enabling the residents to live independently, the younger members are available to help when needed. If rented out, it provides security by the presence of tenants on the property.

Though far smaller than the main house, a granny flat needs to provide the comforts and functionality of a full-size home, which can be a challenge. Our skilled and creative team at 5 Star Granny Flats is here to help with every aspect of planning and constructing a granny flat. However, here are some pointers that you should keep in view:

Guide To Design Beautiful Granny Flats

1. Ventilation and Natural Light

A house with plenty of sunlight and fresh air creates positive vibes and makes the occupants feel bright and energetic. This is possible only when the structure has properly planned large windows and proper ventilation for the light and air to pass through your house.

2. Maximise ceiling height

A high ceiling in a house instantly creates a feeling of openness and spaciousness. A granny flat builder should try to provide up to 15 feet of the ceiling without affecting the footage area to create the appearance of a bigger house. It is also possible to get creative with the roof design; an arched or vaulted roof adds to the feeling of space.

3. Spacious

Designing a granny flat with a spacious look is challenging. The designs that provide an extensive view add spaciousness to a small place. Accordion doors that seamlessly fold into the side walls not only bring in more sunlight and fresh air but also add to a sense of space. Clean lines, natural colours, and lean furniture maximise this effect.

4. Adequate Storage Space

A granny flat needs to provide storage for the belongings of the elderly people. So, think of the things and the ways to store them with ease of access. The occupants must be able to store all their belongings without cluttering the space. A lot of imaginative ideas are available to provide sufficient storage in a small place.

5. Appropriate Style and Colour

The selection of an appropriate colour palette is a vital aspect of planning the granny flat interiors. Pale, softer colours make space look more expansive than it is and vice-versa. Clean, fresh-looing surroundings are a great mood changer.

Designing Your Granny Flat Creatively and Innovatively Will Also:

  • Provide a place to entertain guests.
  • Allow you to turn the structure into a work-place or a studio.
  • Add value to your house as well as to your property.
  • Provide a private place for children to play.

For more information on our granny flat design and build services, you can get in touch with us at 5 Star Granny Flats today! Just give us a call on 1300 843 921 or fill in this contact us form. You can also use this form to get a quick online quote.

How To Hire The Right Granny Flat Builder


Granny flats, as the name suggests, are designed for the elderly. Some Australians want to be near their aged parents to personally care for them and find granny flats an ideal solution. While living on the same property, both the adults and the aging parents enjoy privacy and the space they need. Granny flats are small, compact, and a lovely addition to a house.

Your parents have an environment they are comfortable with and the independence they want. We at 5 Star Granny Flats have seen that some homeowners hesitate to build granny flats as they feel this might impact the value of their home. In reality, the addition of the space and the structure on the same property enhances its value as long as the granny flat is designed well.

You need an experienced granny flat builder who has the skills to combine the charm of a granny flat with the architecture of your home. Looking for such a builder can free you of the worry that the granny flat looks like an odd addition and spoils the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Choose the Right Granny Flat Builder

When these structures are built to accommodate older family members, it’s important that the granny flats be safe, comfortable, and easy to move around. These are important aspects for people with limited mobility. You need an experienced granny flat builder to construct it at a reasonable cost. Keep these tips in view when looking for a good builder. 

  • Experience Is Important- Construction companies that specialize in building granny flats know the process thoroughly. You need to look for one with a 4 or 5-star rating in your local area. Go a step further and read online reviews and testimonials to know if they are experienced. If possible, contact some of their previous clients to determine whether the granny flat builder is the right fit for you.
  • Licensing- Look for a licensed and certified builder because they are credible and provide excellent quality services. They operate within the boundaries of governmental rules and regulations. Since they update their license regularly, it means they keep their record clean, which makes them more responsible and reliable.
  • Warranties And Insurance

Warranties and insurance are two protective covers for you. Look for a company that provides comprehensive warranties. It saves you from paying for the builder’s mistakes. Insurance is a cover for any accidents and damages during the construction.

You can call for a quote from more than one granny flat builder, assess and compare the costs and other aspects like reputation, experience, etc. and take the final call about the one you want to opt for.

For more information on our granny flat builder services, you can get in touch with us at 5 Star Granny Flats today! Just give us a call on 1300 843 921 or fill in this contact us form. You can also use this form to get a quick online quote.